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Teacher's List
SL Name Designation Department Contact No.
1. Professor Suchitra Rani Modok Principal Bangla 01714246755
2. Professor Mijanur Rahman Chowdhury Vice Principal History 01834978774
3. Shahan Ara Khatun Associate Professor Bangla 01552521400
4. Murshid Jahan Assistant Professor Bangla01716760387
5. Aminul Islam Lecturer Bangla
6. Nurunnabi Palash Lecturer Bangla 01717519263
7. Ajit kuman Mandal Associate Professor English 01712027388
8. S.M Habibur Rahman Assistant Professor English 01624909595
9. H.M Mustafizur Rahman Assistant Professor English 01717941997
10 Mohammad Mofazzal Hossain Khan Lecturer English
11. Muhammad Imam Mehedi Assistant Professor Political Science 01712759210
12. Ismail Hossain Lecturer Political Science 01964267512
13. Md. Shamim Ahsan Lecturer Political Science
14. Md. Abu Bakar Siddik Mollah Associate Professor Islamic History and Culture 01718188287
15. Shamim Ahmed Lecturer Islamic History and Culture 01724728432
16.   Lecturer Islamic History and Culture
17. Md. Abdur Rahman Khan Assistant Professor Philosophy 01718890606
18. Sharmin Akter Lecturer Philosophy
19. Mouli Jannat Lecturer Philosophy
20. Mohammad Rafikul Islam Assistant Professor Accounting
21. Murad Raihan Rana Lecturer Accounting 01720578680
22. S. M. Sirajul Haque Associate Professor Economics 01711947482
23. Bilkis Akter Lecturer Economics
24. Md. Mazharul Islam Lecturer Economics 01940730181
25. Dr. Begum Hosne Ara Associate Professor History
26. Harun-Or-Rashid Lecturer History
27. Abida Sultana Lecturer Geography
28. Shirin Akter Lecturer Geography
29. Yafa Khandakar Lecturer Home Science
30   Lecturer Home Science
31. S.M Sayduzzaman Assistant Professor Physics 01713099528
32. Naznin Ara Parveen Lecturer Physics
33. Abu Bakar Siddik Assistant Professor Mathematics
34.   Lecturer Mathematics
35. Mosammat Sajeda Akand Assitant Professor Zoology
36. Jannatul Bushra Lecturer Zoology
37. Md. Rafikul Islam Assitant Professor Chemistry 01689195490
38.   Lectuere Chemistry
39. Nasima Akter Lecturer Management
40. Rashed Miah Physical Instructor   01736593787
WELCOME TO Manikgonj Government Women's College
Manikgonj Government Women's College, Manikgonj aims at providing quality education and women's empoewerment in the society that will prepare our students to cope with the demand of 21st century without making them being uprooted from this soil and alien to our own culture.

To ensure the congenial educational atmosphere in the campus. To build up awareness among the students about career planning. To engage the students extensively in the extra curricular activities. To ensure the use of information and communication technology among all the teachers and students. To ensure the environment of multimedia classroom for the best learning outcomes.

Professor Suchitra Rani Modok, Principal

Professor Md. Mijanur Rahman Chowdhury, Vice Principal.

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